Like any newcomer fresh to the scene, we wanted to make our mark and leave a first impression, and what better introduction than Brisbane’s Annual, Wedding Expos Australia. The concept behind our design was about engaging all the senses. A time-lapse of a banquet scene; captured in time. Inviting the public to immerse themselves in the space meant that they could get a sense and feel of what it would be like among the guests at a Four Petits Choux styled event. Walking past half empty wine glasses, crumpled napkins, the trail of cheese and cracker crumbs from the antipasto platter, was not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but we wanted to treat the public to a full sensory experience. Visitors to our stall were also treated to our homemade Triple-Choc Brownies as favours, thus engaging their taste buds. Our installation was infused with woody notes from burning scented candles and potpourri strewn along the table, mixed with the crisp bite of rosemary and eucalyptus woven into a garland table-­runner, handcrafted by our team. Yes, we even had mellow sounds playing in the background; expect all this and more when it comes to a Four Petits Choux signature event.