Woodland Dining was a fun little project in collaboration with local photographer Claire, of Blondi & Blu. Set in bush track tucked in the heart of Suburbia Brisbane, the team loaded our vehicles and set off at dawn. The first stopover was local farmers market to pick up fresh blueberries, raspberries, figs, roses, and other flowers. The moody palette consisted of reds, blush, and burgundy. Among the spoils were native foliage, an array of eucalyptus in muted green and silver-blue notes. The mood for the shoot was “vintage opulence” with a touch of rustic. We added our own spin to the theme by incorporating elements of our Congolese heritage– wax print batik. The rich pattern in these textiles paired beautifully with the vibrant flowers, with accents of gold featured in the antique vases. Let's just say things really began to pop. Oh what a decadent scene, a table set for fine indulgence with your host; Four Petits Choux requesting the honour of your presence. So... will you dine with us?