Without hesitation, our future events will be styled at the hands of the team. I highly recommend your invaluable services to others. Great job, Four Petits Choux!
— Kris Smith


What's better than one wedding ceremony? Why, two ceremonies of course. It was twice the joy for the debonair couple, Huguette and Kris preferring the Banjaran Hot Springs in the Malaysian town of Ipoh, as the backdrop to exchanging their vows. The style– minimal, a simple willow arch dotted with white, blush, and yellow blooms. Nothing more could be added to the already breathtaking mountain views of this secluded hidden retreat. The couple’s second ceremony in Oz, however, boasted of all the Four Petits Choux fanfare. The private garden wedding was a laid back and intimate affair with subtle hints of elegance, essentially the perfect blend and representation of the bride and groom– down to earth, yoga enthusiast Kris, and Huguette’s gentle warmth and glamour. The front entrance garden was the ceremony setting, with the banquet style reception out back. Americano chairs added that Breakfast at Tiffany's air and industrial-style tables to keep to the communal vibes. Guests chowed down on Jamaican street style cuisine served right out of the fire engine red food truck! There’s so much to love about this wedding when you know that behind every Four Petits Choux event is not just thoughtful design, but the way it makes people feel, and that in itself is.. priceless.